A welcome from the editors:

In an age when much comment about education appears to be both instant, and instantly polarising, do you ever feel the need to take a little longer to consider the issues at hand, and the views that you and your colleagues might have of them? As academics and teachers, we felt the same way; and so, the Peer Reviewed Education Blog was borne into existence.

We wanted a blog site which  enabled  us as people in education to write  one-off education blogs, upon which we and others could receive peer feedback and then publish their ideas, research and opinion.

We are an experienced group of educationalists and the purpose of these blogs is to disseminate research as well as ask pertinent questions of teaching pedagogy, teachers and teacher education with a view to stimulating debate. Whilst we will be writing most of the blogs ourselves, in addition we will host guest blogs from our colleagues across the  educational field.

Not all guest bloggers will wish to reveal their identity – in the modern age, public publishing is challenging to some and it is important that there is space for this in any debate. We hope you appreciate the chance to consider some of the educational issues and debates that concern us all in what will hopefully be a more in-depth, and plural way.

Editors: Dr James Shea, Dr Gareth Bates and Dr Steve Connolly

“I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.”  ― Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text


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